Fulfillment Part One

Perhaps it is a “solid food” type realization to understand the depth of our fulfillment in Christ? We know Jesus was fully human and fully divine. Most often that is too lofty a concept. Our minds strain too much to think about it, so we stick to simpler things. Lately I’ve thought about where I get my fulfillment. Along these lines I had a thought about where Jesus got His fulfillment, and that begins my study on the subject.

Did Jesus experience hunger pains? Yes! Did Jesus experience sorrow, despair, disappointment? Yes, yes, yes! Did Jesus experience hormonal urges? I’d have to think so in order to accept He was human. I realize that Jesus walked this earth fully human with all the longings of fulfillment that burn in our hearts. At the times where He was in want, He found His grip, His fulfillment in God, whereas everyone else has one time too many turned away from God—to sin—for our fulfillment.

About peterjheins

Married and have a daughter. They think I am pretty special and that's what matters.
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