In becoming more ideal as a man, we’re like a play during rehearsal. We’re going through motions and acting out the best ideas we have.  We are acting as the ideal man and our ideal man is working itself out.

I titled this blog “Idealman” out of the conviction there is a perfect man.  Let me introduce the concept here, and later expound on these principles.

It sounds odd to call my blog: Ideal Man.  Perhaps it implies that I am the ideal man? Well, hopefully my wife and daughter think I’m pretty good, and that’s what matters, but it is not about me.  Although it is a reflection of things I have learned that get me closer to the ideal man, it is not a biography, nor do I want to be the focus in any way shape or form.

However, they would also be the first to say I am not perfect.  I do not believe one needs to be perfect to express something of value on the ideal man.  Otherwise, we would have nothing on the subject.  Sure, I would love to be ideal–I’m sort of a wanna be!  We’re all a “want to be” on some level.  That’s okay.

I have my moments where I nail it and then I have many embarrassing scenes that I want to cut out and redo.  Unfortunately we can’t cut the scenes.  The play is just one long jumbled mess of good and bad scenes as we’re getting closer to the more ideal man.  Only God can do the editing.

While some scenes are more ideal than others, we miss sharing in the likeness of the ideal man when we’re comparing ourselves to others.  Our cumulative standard can never come close to the ideal man and it is only a distorted version.  However, when we compare ourselves to the ideal man, the objectively perfect and authentic version, we readjust our sights (focus) and realign ourselves.  This is an important adjustment because we’re constantly battling distracting versions that get us off track.

Furthermore, when we’re talking about achieving the stature of an ideal man, we’re talking about getting there in degrees or stages (2Corinthians 3:18).  Every degree is light years away from our preexistence and a significant step.  I believe any man seeking improvement is looking for something more ideal.  They’re seeking is an acknowledgement that they are incomplete without something.  I believe this angst in us to be more speaks loudly to the existence of God.  In all our longing, we seek an ideal man, which is why Jesus came.

Jesus fulfills the mark of perfection and is the focus of the whole Bible.  His perfection is the best news because we have a reliable guide through life!  All of us experience being lost.  We get off track and entangled by too many things to mention. One notably is we get off track in ourselves, which is often vague and misleading.  If we’re honest, what is the fruit of our lives?  We come to the point where we are in need of direction and inspiration, which brings us to seek the ideal man, even if we don’t know we are seeking.

My blog is simply an expression of my personal journey, where I am coming to new frontiers and realizations about this ideal man. Although I’m always open to further insight along these lines, I suppose three things:

1. Mankind is created in God’s image. That image can be called the ideal man. We were created perfectly.

2. Sin corrupts that image. We’re much less than ideal because of sin. God’s perfect, ideal man, was corrupted, and we call that corruption sin.

3. However, through Jesus-the ideal man-we have a restored image, where the ideal man is reflected in us. Jesus came in flesh to restore His image in us. He fulfills all of God’s expectations and sets us free from the corruption. His mark seals us. That is when God is gaining ever increasing glory through us.

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